Web-based seminars very effectively target a select audience with new or “best practices” information in your industry. They allow your customers who are interested in a subject to sign up for and attend the webinar and are easily ignored by prospects uninterested in the topic. But – and here is the most important part – because they are conducted on the WEB, they can be easily recorded, indexed, and made available at a later time to prospects expressing an interest in the subject.

We use InternetVIZ to conduct and promote our webinars for our service clients. The InternetVIZ team understands the power of this lead-generation and relationship-building tool and possesses the technical expertise to conduct error-free webinars and record and index them to make them searchable and retrievable. Promotion of client webinars, using electronic mail, is included in all webinar services.


Standard Webinar production includes using your content for the webinar, promoting the webinar to your list, conducting the webinar, recording the webinar, and providing the flash file plus metadata to your webmaster for retrieval from your site by customers.

Premium Webinar production includes all of the above PLUS we create the content, prepare slides and script, and, at your option, host the presentation on a remote server–a good idea if high demand is anticipated.