Our Work


FranklinCovey, a premier manufacturer of organizational productivity tools and world-class leader in business training, wanted to increase brand loyalty among its small-business customers, a traditionally strong buying segment. Service For Profit submitted a concept for a "small business network" designed to achieve this objective to FranklinCovey's retail division. We suggested that revenue could be generated not only from direct retail sales to this segment but also from fees charged to other, non-competing brands that opted to join the network. We then completed a marketing analysis of one FranklinCovey retail unit, and, based on our findings, drew up a blueprint of action plans designed to increase business volume over several product lines.

Take-away lesson: In the services business, relationships are money-even better than money: some things, you just can't buy.

"The talent of the Service for Profit team in sizing up the market and their ability to tailor a marketing solution for our demographic was terrific."

— Andrew Jeppson, District Sales Manager, FranklinCovey, Inc.


Take-away lesson: Marketing services-like marketing anything-means communicating with customers. So do what it takes to get their attention-and hold it long enough to listen to your message.

"Tom was very helpful in defining our service marketing strategy and brough forth a lot of creative ideas, especially in the Linux services space."

— Jorge Helmer, former Senior VP of Services, SGI
(Silicon Graphics, Inc.)

City of Palo Alto

Take-away lesson: For Services success you must understand your customers' "pain" and perceived reputation and customize service content and delivery to satisfy your customers' needs.