About Us

Our company exists to help you research, develop, launch, and successfully sell services that provide differentiation, customer loyalty, and profitability in your company.


Tom Pencek brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, service development, and marketing to satisfying the needs of his clients. He has worked for several of the biggest names in computer manufacturing, founded two companies of his own, and for a decade been engaged in the biomedical area. Recently, he was awarded a Service Marketing Professional Certification by Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA). Technically trained in the Midwest (Marietta College, Biology) and New England (Boston University, Scientific Writing), he also brings real-world experience that testifies to the value of clear communication in the service marketplace.

Tom has helped technical and non-technical clients alike ferret out key customer needs and guided the creation of profitable and trust-building service programs to meet them.


Kathy recruits, trains, and supervises the writing team that supports our clients and creates our “product.” She is also our main editor for our Book Practice. Kathy is a very experienced freelance writer/editor working out of San Carlos, CA. Leveraging over 20 years of experience, she brings just the right mix of business acumen and marketing communications expertise as she partners with her clients to craft clear and compelling messaging for their key programs and target audience.


Cliff Higgins possesses an expertise in supercharging client visibility and revenue streams, developing successful marketing, sales, and partner enablement programs, enhancing margins, increasing efficiencies, and reducing costs in enterprise, channel partner, and alliance relationships for companies ranging from high-tech market leaders to start-ups.

His clear understanding of drivers has enabled him to develop and lead global marketing, business development, and sales strategies and programs. His background includes producing results that increased over-quota achievers by 20% in a 16,000 + global sales force and 20,000+ partner relationships.

Cliff’s experience working with NA and multinational companies in the technology sector equips him to identify and execute strategies that optimize value and opportunity for enterprise and all partners in the value chain.


Caren Parnes brings 18 years of experience as a creative professional in the advertising, publishing and printing fields. She brings clients a broad range of creative and technical abilities: design savvy, marketing know-how, expert knowledge of printing issues and print production tools, copyediting/proofreading experience and illustrative talent.

With an honors degree in English and Art Studies from UCLA, and positions ranging from copyediting and production layout for publishing companies to design for IBM, Caren has the rounded education and experience to see a project through from the detail-oriented needs of proofreading to the conceptual big picture of design.

Caren brings to the team a strong communications background that allows her to identify her clients’ needs and unique vision and give them a product that communicates that vision clearly to their target audience.


Sheera Bleckman brings over 20 years of experience in web development and graphic design. Sheera works with an array of digital media, including web graphics and applications, video editing and post-production and DVD design/authoring.

With an honors degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago and an M.A. in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, Sheera brings a unique blend of web development skills and inspiration to each project. Sheera’s education and experience enable her to design, implement and develop web applications with special attention to cross-browser/platform compatibility and user-interface design.

Prior to starting BleckmanWeb in 1998, Sheera was a member of the Trust for Public Land’s national Public Affairs team where she was the Assistant Editor for the full-color magazine Land and People.

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